Maximum safety in dry freight transport

At IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover, Krone will be exhibiting a Dry Liner STG, with all available safety options, from its wide range. The Dry Liner STG is also suitable for operation in a long-HGV combination (type 3). The exhibit is equipped with an air-sprung axle assembly with a trailing steering axle, so that it can be moved safely and manoeuvred at any time, even in tight conditions. In addition, a reversing camera makes the driver’s job easier. In order to improve passive safety, the Krone Dry Liner STG, which is to be exhibited in Hanover, has been equipped with LED side position lamps, which take over the flashing function of the direction indicator. Another safety feature is the Krone Smart Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which determines the pressures and temperatures of the tyres and transmits them to the Krone Smart Collect telematics unit so that the data can be visualised in both the cab of the HGV as well as in the Krone Telematics Portal.

The Krone Dry Liner features numerous practical details, which are tailored to tough everyday transport conditions. As a consequence, the chassis is based on an integrated modular system and has been designed as an optimised welding assembly with a robust front wall mounting. As standard, the chassis is equipped with a raised front rail for increased stability against collision damage and the rear lights are protected on the diagonal-reinforce rear end which is suitable for ramps. Inside, the superstructure is protected by a lateral double-walled forklift damage protection, measuring approximately 360 mm high, with bulk material outflow. Above this, the side walls provide the infrastructure for continuous load securing, with a full-surface keyhole rail system, and lashing rings in the side rail.

Dry Liner: four modular basic versions

Whether for the transport of textiles, valuable electronics, paints, packages or furniture – the requirements for the multi-talented Dry Liner are as versatile as the goods they transport. In order to meet these very different requirements, Krone manufactures modular dry freight semitrailers in four basic models with different side wall types:

  • The robust and simultaneously flexible steel steel smooth wall superstructure (STG) with clinched side walls. It is popular in the textile industry and in the transport of piece goods, thanks to its numerous load securing options. 50 percent of the units built will feature double-deck equipment. The STG is equipped with wood panelling and flush-mounted lashing rails as well as a smooth floor. This makes it easy to push items around when transporting furniture and moving goods;
  • The Plywood Side Wall Superstructure (STP), which can also feature double-deck equipment and lashing rails;
  • For particularly weight-sensitive applications, there is also the STK plastic lightweight side wall;
  • And for temperature-sensitive products such as paints and varnishes, the Dry Liner SDK LI is ideal, with lightweight insulation.

There is also a choice of different vehicle lengths. The Dry Liner STG, in addition to the standard length of 13.6 m, is also displayed in the long HGV version type 1, 15 m in length. In addition, there is an 11 m version for city logistics, which can be equipped with a forced steering system. Likewise, a Mega version can also be exhibited for all types. There are also TIR equipping options, ferry and rail packages.

Krone manufactures the current generation of Dry Liners in Europe’s largest and most modern production plant for dry cargo trailers, which was modernised in 2020, with an investment of 11.3 million Euro.

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IAA Transportation 2022 | 20/09/2022 – 25/09/2022 |

Hanover Fair | Hall 27 | Stand C40 | outdoor area N41, Q41, P43

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