Self-sufficient and maintenance-free

The compact KSC Solar enables tracking via GPS for vehicles and mobile units that do not have their own permanent power supply to operate a telematics box. The solar module integrated into the housing is used for power generation and supplies the internal battery.

Telematics unit with solar power: autonomous and maintenance-free

The charging process is supported by a supercapacitor, which also operates reliably at both very low and very high temperatures (-20°C to +60°C). The KSC Solar transmits the generated data to the respective customised KRONE Telematics portal. Since not only the vehicles, but also transport companies and dispatchers are constantly on the move, KRONE also provides this data for mobile use via the Telematics App. To make sure that nothing prevents the information from being bundled in one place and made available to end customers, the KRONE Telematics Portal users can administer the data run autonomously via drag & drop using the KRONE Push API.

KSC Solar: the new standard for swap systems

In particular, swap systems are typically in transit for days on motorways and the rail network before they reach their destination. The system also uses different vehicles for transporting swap bodies. The KCS Solar can then precisely track these vehicles. The swap body no longer needs to be manually assigned to the vehicle currently operated, since the system is permanently mounted on the superstructure and the location is always kept up to date and can be reliably tracked – no matter what additional systems are used. This speeds up dispatching swap bodies and avoids unnecessary downtime. As a result, swap bodies are no longer overlooked.

Installation of the KSC Solar: very simple and compact

The KSC Solar is very easy to install and can be fitted on site in the vehicle fleets. The compact box (230 mm x 130 mm x 21 mm) is secured with just four screws or four rivets. Its size and design make it ideal for mounting within the existing beading on the roof of KRONE swap boxes. This ensures reliable protection, even from hanging branches. The low overall height makes it easy to mount on the front wall of swap bodies and trailers. The KSC solar will be offered factory-installed for new swap bodies and as a ready-to-install retrofit kit.

Advantages at a Glance

  • For swap bodies and containers
  • Self-sufficient for over 100 days
  • Bluetooth interface
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation