KRONE's intelligent load space detection Smart Capacity Management enables the dispatcher to look into the load space - while driving! Consequently, available loading capacities can be detected and better utilised.

Artificial intelligence manages cargo space

The SmartCapacityView technology overlooks the loading space in the trailer via camera and transmits the images via the KRONE Smart Collect telematics unit to the KRONE Telematics Portal, the KRONE Telematics App or to a desired API data destination. Here the dispatcher can track the trailer in real time, view the loading area and check the interior before and after loading or unloading. In this way, SmartCapacityView makes irregularities such as damaged goods in transit, improper load securing, loading damage to the interior walls and people on the loading area visible to the dispatcher. All loading and unloading processes are documented with place and time stamps. In the KRONE Telematics Portal, both the algorithm and the camera image of the respective trailer are displayed for optimal control. A high-resolution infrared camera with night vision capability is used for this purpose, which reliably detects the irregularities described above even when the trailer is closed.

In the further expansion stage SmartCapacityAI, artificial intelligence takes over the evaluation of the images and automatically detects possible damage as well as improper load securing and persons in the load compartment. The system independently determines the current space availability and transfers this in real time to the dispatcher and to the transport management system (TMS). By setting up desired alarms, the dispatcher stays informed at all times without having to permanently devote his attention to the vehicle.

Artificial intelligence for freight exchanges

To enable transport companies to use this information in a targeted manner, KRONE provides the data via API for the common TMS on request. Free pallet spaces and other free loading space are then automatically detected and can also be transferred to freight exchanges via the TMS together with the current location. In addition, possible transport orders are suggested. The optimal utilisation made possible by KRONE Smart Capacity Management not only guarantees users a significant advantage over their competitors, but also saves unnecessary (partial) empty runs and thus makes a sustainable contribution to preserving our environment.

Another plus point is the noticeable reduction in workload: thanks to the innovative technology of KRONE Smart Capacity Management, the dispatcher's focus shifts from order coordination to order monitoring.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Detecting free parking spaces
  • Checking the load securing
  • Control of damaged loads
  • Integration in TMS
  • Integration of freight exchanges
  • Optimum vehicle utilisation
  • Reduction of empty runs
  • Detection of persons in the load compartment
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

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