Start-ups presented by Denkfabrik

What will the transport of the future look like? How can AI help us to act more sustainably? What potential does digitalisation offer for optimising the supply chain? Can automated and intelligent data exchange lead to more sustainability? How can employees be brought further into focus through digitalisation? What impact does automation have on the supply chain? How can sustainability be made visible and emissions reduced? What are the advantages of data exchange and data transparency for freight forwarders?

These and other future-relevant questions are addressed by the start-ups of the KRONE Denkfabrik.
In cooperation with the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg, KRONE offers 12 start-ups the opportunity to present themselves at the KRONE stand and to participate in numerous talks and discussions. KRONE thus creates an innovation and communication platform and provides the opportunity for an exchange with the industry.

You can find the programme of the Denkfabrik here.


With "shipzero", Appanion provides a digital solution for the analysis, reporting and reduction of greenhouse gases in transport & logistics. shipzero is aimed at transport clients with international supply chains as well as transport companies.

The goal is to identify data-driven optimization potential through bigger transparency of transport and logistics processes and to enable a grounded decision-making basis for concrete decarbonization measures.

shipzero ensures the conformity with international standards for CO2 reporting (for example, the GLEC framework).

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CO2OPT provides an AI-based platform that helps transport companies save up to ten percent in fuel costs and CO2 emissions. For this, a neutral matchmaking platform is available to determine the best tire-vehicle profile match, provide monthly reports and recommended actions for efficient tire management, and make operational suggestions to increase tire lifecycle, including retreading. Other elements include certificates proving the CO2 emission savings achieved, tire management contracts where the customer pays per kilometer driven, and digital processes for tire suppliers to significantly simplify tire management for trucking companies.

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Fernride enables automated and sustainable logistics by combining the human skills of in-office drivers ("teleoperators") with autonomous driving technology in a scalable platform. In addition to the platform, the turn-key solution includes sustainable trucks from leading OEMs, their seamless integration into existing logistics processes and their remote, reliable operation under tailored "as-a-service" contracts. Logistics customers, including DB Schenker and Volkswagen Group Logistics, can take the next step in automating their processes today.

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The SaaS company, based in Berlin with offices in Cairo, Egypt, provides transportation management systems (TMS) for shippers, forwarders and carriers in Europe.

The goal is to become the leading digitalization platform in road freight logistics and supply chain operations. For shippers, IMPARGO's ShipperPortal offers the ability to increase the efficiency of the transportation fulfillment process through data-driven automation, analytics and ERP integration. Freight forwarders can use CargoApps to help digitize their transportation business with powerful tools such as a truck route planner, an accurate toll calculator and a telematics system. Another component is the DriverApp, which drivers can use to navigate and communicate easily.

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INN-ovativ provides digital innovations for the freight forwarding industry: With the online training platform SPEDIFORT, companies can use a complete LMS (Learning Management System). This offers a wide portfolio of course content for training lateral entrants as well as safety topics for instructing employees. Internal company information can also be conveyed via SPEDIFORT. The online courses are flexible in terms of timing, can also be accessed on mobile devices, and are available in various languages. Training successes are checked and documented via knowledge queries following a learning module. This reduces the time and effort required to organize employee training courses to just a few clicks.

For the search for driving and commercial personnel, INN-ovativ operates the job exchange, die Inserate in den wichtigsten branchenspezifischen Fachmedien veröffentlicht. Mit der automatischen Übersetzung in 13 verschiedene Sprachen erreicht das Portal auch potenzielle Bewerber in Osteuropa. Zusätzlich schafft das Konzept des Social Recruitings attraktive Anreize zur Weiterempfehlung von Jobanzeigen.

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KONVOI offers the first preventive, technologically updateable security solution as an IoT platform for transport companies to protect against cargo or diesel theft and driver assaults. Sensors continuously provide data in the close vicinity of the truck to be protected so that different levels of deterrence measures can be initiated depending on the threat stage.

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The platform helps companies exchange data efficiently by automatically integrating planning and order data from key platforms and systems in real time. This provides users with complete transparency and saves time and money. To date, more than three million shipments have been transported to more than 80 countries using the innovative cloud platform.

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SHIPSTA's data-driven platform connects shippers and carriers to provide a seamless procurement process online for spot- and contract purchases. By automating complex tasks and providing complete data visibility, it helps companies respond to market fluctuations, control freight costs and manage risk in their supply chain. SHIPSTA's approach spans product development, pricing structure and customer support. Launched in 2019, the company's customers include some of the world's largest chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive companies. The company is based in Mertert, Luxembourg, and Hamburg, Germany.

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Sirum TME is a web-based and modular all-in-one solution for the digitalization of transport companies. With its transport management ERP, it combines the functionality of TMS, WMS and ERP and can map dispatch, invoicing, warehouse management and co. in just one system. Through driver app and portals for customers and subcontractors, Sirum enables automated and digital data exchange along the entire transport chain.

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The young Hamburg-based company Spacific specializes in end-2-end developed, scalable AR/MR solutions for industry. The focus: flexible standard solutions for sustainable digitization of business processes. The technology is accessible via the Spacific Solution Portal as SaaS and PaaS for companies of all sizes. The goal is to make the innovative opportunities created by augmented reality and lidar technology accessible to companies.

Spacific places particular emphasis on scalability, flexibility and compatibility of the solutions offered: Whether in the data format, the connection to existing IT systems via APIs or the operating system - Spacific's products run on all smart devices including Microsoft HoloLens.

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Tracks provides automated decarbonization solutions that enable transportation companies to measure and manage CO2 emissions at a granular level. Tracks performs GLEC-accredited emissions measurement of disaggregated primary data and provides the most accurate reporting of emissions data on the market. Using AI and machine learning, Tracks' analytics services empower companies to meet or exceed sustainability and emissions targets. Tracks was founded in Berlin in 2018 and operates across Europe.

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WAVES was founded in Luxembourg in 2019 with the vision of making sustainability visible in a B2B context, helping companies on the path to carbon neutrality and enabling the circular economy. Similar to a financial controlling tool, WAVES provides corporate sustainability metrics through certified calculations of shipments down to the shipment level, as well as warehouse locations, transshipment points, office buildings, and a wide variety of touchpoints along a supply chain. This allows companies to identify their biggest emitters, recognize savings potential and take reduction measures. In addition to the innovative "SMP" platform, WAVES also offers consulting services on sustainability management, climate reporting and compliance with new EU regulations such as EU taxonomy or CSRD.

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